Hanging Glass

This tree of motherhood glass ball celebrates mothers from all around the world. This is a great gift for your mom or someone who was your mother growing up.

Size 2"
This glass ball is very unique with its feather like texture on the outside. The colors come together beautifully and is ready to be hung in your home.

-3" Size
This tree of encouragement glass ball makes a great gift for someone who is feeling down and needs a good pick me up. This ball also reminds us that we have supporters throughout life and we are not alone. The beautiful colors of this ball would look gre
This glass ball has the meaning of gratitude attached to it. By taking the time to celebrate these gifts we are able to feel gratitude for the people or circumstances that allow us to have what we do.

-2" Size
This beautiful glass ball ornament is known for its symbol of friendship. Putting this ball in your window will brighten up any room.

-3" size
There is no greater gift than love and with this glass ball you can really show how much you love them by giving them this tree of love. This glass ball represents the countless blessings love brings into our lives.

-6" Size
Let more energy into your life with this beautiful glass ball. The energy of a tree is grounding and stable. This tree of energy reminds us that our energy is worth protecting.

Size: 6"
This beautiful blues look great together and give off that wintery feel. This is the perfect gift for someone who doesn't get any snow where they live or they just love winter very much.

-2" Size
There is no greater comfort in life then the unconditional love and support of family. Like the roots of a tree, family nourishes and encourages us to grow to limitless possibilities. Have this beautiful glass ornament hanging in your window to let the
Display this colorful symbol of affection in your home and watch how the sun fills it. This makes a great for someone whom you might not see all the time or for a loving family member.

-3in Size
This beautiful glass ornament will bring lots of light into a home. This ornament is able to hang in any window to bring any room together.
Available in 6" size.
Air reminds us that there is much more to this world than is visible with the eye. Air can move things that are stuck and usher in new beginnings. Air is refreshing, brings clarity of thought and is intensely curious. The challenge of the air element is