In deep, shimmery blue, Fabbyegg Sapphire knows how to work the stage. Gorgeously tubby in textured velvety fur, with a fluffy hairdo and glimmering eyeshadow, this egg owns everything, and knows it!
ONE SIZE - H9" X W4"

Fabbyegg Pink

Fabbyegg Pink Topaz is such a diva, in velvety lattice rose fur. This classy egg has a perfect plume coiff, glittery eyeshadow and swishy glam lashes. Roll down the catwalk with this fabulous friend and show your royal style.

ONE SIZE - H9" X W4"
Amuseable Carrot is scrumptiously textured in scrumbly orange fur! Cordy-booted, with such a big smile and a very fine fluffy green top, this chunky pal is a total smoothie! A good friend for reindeer and rascals alike!
ONE SIZE - H7" X W13"
Splash! Bashful Turtle is here and flipping gorgeous! This gentle turtle has a soft grey-beigey shell and flopsy, minty, chunky flippers! A perfect companion for trips to the seaside, this swimming sweetie is funny and friendly. Dive in and snuggle up!

Pig Little

Perfectly pudgy in fuzzy pink fur, Little Pig is a bundle of love. This foldy-eared friend has a soft suedey snoot and a matching springy curly tail. With a fine roundy tummy and squishy trotters, this little pig smiles all the way home.

H7" X W4"
All dressed up for a blustery walk, Riverside Ramblers Badger is a countryside dandy. Wearing a very smart grey linen jacket and a snug check scarf in autumn greens, this badger is ready to spot scurrying bugs!

H9" X W4"
Get your five-a-day in an adorable way with Amuseable Avocado! Green and soft, our veggie friend has a clever two-tone jacket in speckled fur. We love that squashy, suedey stone and those jiggly cordy legs.
Hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or
Bashful Plum Bunny has a cute plump tummy and dreamy-soft rich purple fur. Fruity-sweet with squish-squashy feet and long lopsy ears, this bunny's a treat. Go on, cuddle this little plum pudding!
SMALL - H7" X W4"

Lilac Bunny

Lilac is very attentive and ready to listen, she will listen to you and try to help with any problem you may have. Lilac is a great friend and companion, she also loves car rides and new adventures.

Tested against and passed ASTM requirements.

Bashful Bunny

This bashful bunny is super soft and super cute with his amazing long ears! This bunny can be your little cuddle toy while also being there for you as a friend.

Tested against and passed ASTM requirements.
Suitable from birth. Huge and Large sizes -
This aloe succulent is the most cutest little plant you've ever seen. This potted plant has grey felt pot and a great big lovable smile. This little guy will bring love and joy into your home. Also it's like getting a plant but not having the chore to ta

Bertie Owlet

A snowball? A cloud? No! It's Bertie owlet! This fantastic fuzzy little guy will instantly bring a smile to your face with his cuteness. He's also adorably cuddly and it will fit in anywhere. His soft cream and peppered fur really makes him stand out and