Miki Seal

When it comes to favorite activities, Miki the cuddly seal stuffed animal loves lounging on sun warmed rocks next to the crash of the ocean surf! Keeping cozy is her goal in life and her beautifully speckled silvery coat of warm plush fur helps her do it!

Hen Henrietta

Henrietta the plush Blue Lace Hen is the most glamorous chicken in the coop! Sumptuously detailed with bright blues and oranges, her colorful design is the envy of all the other birds on the farm.
Playful and sweet, Spicy the Hedgehog stuffed animal is an irresistible ball of fun! Sized to fit right into your hand, this charming plush pet features delightfully mottled and textured fur that gives her the appearance of having a coat of prickly spines

Enzo Meerkat

Sprightly and charming, Enzo the Meerkat stuffed animal sits up on his haunches for a better view of his surroundings! It’s his turn to help protect the colony by watching for possible danger and Enzo’s lively, dark eyes won’t miss a thing!

Llama Zephyr

Are you a llover of llamas? Then you are sure to love Zephyr, our handsomely spotted Llama stuffed animal! Featuring a warm grey coat with white creamy patches, Zephyr is as cuddly as they come!
When you need a companion that will loyally follow you to market then all the way home at the end of the day, Leroy our little Black Spotted Pig stuffed animal is just the hog for the job! His small size lets him fit easily into a pocket or backpack.

Wolf Phoenix

Come out to the forest and track down an adventure with Phoenix our floppy wolf stuffed animal! Designed with specialty plush materials, he features a handsome coat of soft faux fur and springy polyester fill that will hold up to hours of play and a lifet

Yellow Chick

This adorable little yellow chick is ready to come home with you! His super soft fur is perfect for sleeping with and he also makes a great companion!

Bon Bon bunny

If you're looking for a loving, cuddly little bunny look no further than bon bon. Bon Bon loves to cuddle and she is sooo soft you'll feel like you're hugging a cloud!

Dimensions 11.5 in
Age: 24 Months & Up

Wolf Atka

Bring the howl of the wild home to you with Atka the Wolf! Featuring a lustrous, soft coat made with the
highest quality materials available, this plush was created with an emphasis on realism and huggability. Wolves are known for their loyalty to their
Stevie the Bernese Mountain Dog is standing at attention awaiting orders to march to your home! Of course, Stevie takes up a bit less space than a real Bernese mountain dog and is much easier to take care of. Stevie's playfully realistic looks, ideal size
Jet Stream the Squid's tentacles measure 40 inches in length, and is sure to delight those who adore the mysterious creatures of the briny deep! Made with brightly colored orange fabrics that are soft to the touch. Bring this deep sea beauty home to cuddl