Playful and sweet, Spicy the Hedgehog stuffed animal is an irresistible ball of fun! Sized to fit right into your hand, this charming plush pet features delightfully mottled and textured fur that gives her the appearance of having a coat of prickly spines

Llama Zephyr

Are you a llover of llamas? Then you are sure to love Zephyr, our handsomely spotted Llama stuffed animal! Featuring a warm grey coat with white creamy patches, Zephyr is as cuddly as they come!
When you need a companion that will loyally follow you to market then all the way home at the end of the day, Leroy our little Black Spotted Pig stuffed animal is just the hog for the job! His small size lets him fit easily into a pocket or backpack.
Every autumn a magical transformation occurs, and the coats of Arctic Foxes turn from brown to snowy white! Yuki, our beautiful plush Arctic Fox is depicted with an ultra soft, white winter coat and features a fun floppy body style. His bright, amber colo

Wolf Phoenix

Come out to the forest and track down an adventure with Phoenix our floppy wolf stuffed animal! Designed with specialty plush materials, he features a handsome coat of soft faux fur and springy polyester fill that will hold up to hours of play and a lifet

Yellow Chick

This adorable little yellow chick is ready to come home with you! His super soft fur is perfect for sleeping with and he also makes a great companion!

Wolf Atka

Bring the howl of the wild home to you with Atka the Wolf! Featuring a lustrous, soft coat made with the
highest quality materials available, this plush was created with an emphasis on realism and huggability. Wolves are known for their loyalty to their
The friendly face of our Silly Little Sloth Teether and its 100% safe silicone teething ring are just what Baby needs for those difficult teething days! Our sloth’s happy expression and warm tan materials come together for a sophisticated infant soft toy.
Follow the tale of Sweet Little Gray Elephant and his favorite blankie in our cuddly plush
Activity Book! Soft materials come together to create the delightful appliqué illustrations
on the front and back cover. Inside, a world of exciting discoveries a
Come out to the rainforest and play a game of hide and seek with Silly Little Sloth! This
lovable character is hiding in the branches of his favorite tree. See if you can find him by
looking under the flap! An unbreakable mirror and additional fun featu
When it comes to fine attire, Waddles our dapper plush Emperor Penguin knows a thing or two! Designed with an elegant black and white coat of soft, sleek plush fur, Waddles is a particularly distinguished fellow! Attractive orange and yellow airbrushing a

Sloth Ivy

Ivy the Hanging Sloth plush toy is made with luxurious plush fabrics of the highest quality. She is a delight to touch and cuddle. Her long arms (with velcro hands!) and slouchy soft body are designed to hug around your neck or cradle perfectly into your